Still Producing The Pulmor, Many Configurations Available


We started building the Pulmor trailer series a few years ago, and it has really taken off. In fact, the sales of our Pulmor trailers accounted for the bulk of our trailer sales for the 2010 model year, with the only competition coming from the sale of our ATV trailers. We have been shipping these trailers all over the country, and some folks have found some imaginative uses for them.

For example, a reseller of ours located in Omaha, NE, noticed a market for these trailers equipped with solar panels and a bank of batteries. The trailers are being used as power centers for contruction sites to provide a renewable energy source and make the construction process more "green". Cool, no?


From what we understand, these units can last a day or more on a single charge, powering any 120VAC tool you can throw at them. We think it's a great innovation using one of our trailers, and you can contact us if you would like to learn more about it. If you are from the Mid-West or out East and would like to see about getting your hands on one, follow this link and talk to Jim. Let him know you learned about it from T&R!

Another great use for this trailer is to load it with your families camping gear and head off to the woods. Some folks asked us about building a rack on top of the unit for carrying a canoe or other light-weight item. Here's a pic of what we came up with...


It's strong, light, and can carry quite a bit of weight. Our president and chief builder Richard actually stood on this and jumped up and down. (That's our idea of advanced testing proceedures.) We found that these racks can support well over 180lbs, which is more than enough weight handling for most folks. Strap bikes to it, canoes, rafts, small aluminum boats, kayaks, really anything you can lift onto the lid, and the Pulmor will handle it well.

The point is these trailers are extremely versatile and can suit any number of different uses, from construction to recreation to anything in between. I've personally sold a number of these to traveling salesmen who use them to contain their wares. We'd sure like to see what you can do with it! Thanks for reading, and for more information as well as availability, you can always send us an email or call.

We also currently have two in stock at our Fowler store, and you can check them out below:

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